Tuesday, July 21, 2009


You were the one I knew in the womb
Like a dream I never wanted
A spark gleaned from darkness
Sweet and surreal
A shadow gliding on silver tipped wings
The myth of perfection
Shattered like ice
You came howling among
hot blood and tears
Drawing in air as I myself wept in gratitude
to The One, The Eternal

S.H. 2009


Sasha said...

Hi Stephanie
I love your poem that you wrote. I know that it must have been difficult for you to hear that man asking you if it was something in your home. I will vent with you. Just reading that made me get my motherly instincts up too. But just think, you can educate all of these people and hopefully they will be better for it.

You can educate and share your beautiful baby with them and if they can't accept Yusef, than that is their loss.

You have a beautiful family.

Muslimah Mia on the path to happyness and freedom said...

Masha allah Stephanie

Your a brilliant mum and I think your doing not ony a wonderfull but beatiful thing bringing your child up with tender love and care.

Children with D.S are not a burden for Allah swt doesnt burden us. They are a blessing just like any child born is.

I personally think all children are a blessing a gift from Allah swt for us to love and care.

May allah swt guide you and insha allah help you. I pray the best for you and your family insha allah.

P.s your baby is one of the most cutest babies I've seen. ( My mum had 8 so I would know)
Salaam x

Ria said...

Hi Stephanie! I love the poem. I'll update the link to your blog in my blogroll.