Friday, September 11, 2009

For Those With a Prenatal Diagnosis of Down Sydrome

I have more than once noticed that people have made their way to my blogs while googling termination and Down syndrome. If you have found your way to my blog and find yourself with a new and scary diagnosis, I want you to know that there are thousands of women that have been in the same place you find yourself in now.

All of us in one way or another found out our child has Down syndrome, rather it be a prenatal diagnosis or after birth. We all understand the feelings of grief, the fear; And on the other side, we all share the intense feelings of love we have for our children.

Please give your chld a chance at life.

You will love this child with an absolutly pure and overwhelming conviction, one that you might not ever have imagined. This child will teach you more about compassion and humanity than you ever thought possible. If you are a religious person, this child will increase your faith in God and his perfect plan for you.

If you find yourself here in your darkest hours, please take some time to link to the blogs on my sidebars. There you will find families and children living normal lives, doing normal things. You will also find extraordinary people doing extraordinary things.

You might find some little ones with health problems. There you will find an unwavering and loyal support group. You will more often find kids perfectly healthy doing all the things that children do.

You will find children with Down syndrome lighting up the world around them.

So if you find yourself here, and you think that you cannot bear it, you can. Be strong, come to us who are on the other side. We'll support you when you need it.

Give your child a chance.

This child is a miracle. With time you will be able to see through your tears and be honored to witness the miracle that I know.


.::Tuttie::. said...

omg that is beautiful. you gave me more than what I was expecting.

ds.mama said...

Beautiful... I wish I had read something like that while I was still pregnant with my baby. She is everything you said, and more :-)

أم ترافيس said...

ma shaa Allah, lovely post :)

i have worked with a lot of children with varying disorders including down syndrome, and primarily autism. There is something so beautiful and wonderful about these children, that we even dont see in typical children. I fell in love with many of these children, and can say first hand, it is the hardest job ever, but also the most wonderful one a woman can have. I would imagine a mother would feel in a similar way.

may Allah help all these mothers and children find their way

and may Allah bless you for your efforts sis

thank u for sharing

Cole said...

Beautiful post and gorgeous pictures. I think it is especially good to let people know you will do normal things. you can have normal dreams.