Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yusef's Eyes

With all my babies, there was always some part of them that I was especially in love with. With Nathan, it was his elbows. He had the cutest little elbows, I can't explain it, but I just adored those elbows.

I especially love Yusef's eyes. There dark, liquid brown, almost black. They're large and expressive, framed by delicate lashes and brows that perk up when something interests him.

Yesterday I went for my daily torture workout. The kids love going to the little day care center there and even though I'm not a big fan of torture, I enjoy it as well--a brief reprieve for the kids. Afterwards, in the car Zainah piped up with a question.

"Mama, does Yusef have Chinese eyes?"
Me: "Who said that?"
"That teacher lady".

I knew she was talking about the one of the girls that supervise the day care center. I prodded her a little more, but she then started rambling on about one of the little boys and how he dared to take her blue crayon during coloring time. It's apparently fairly difficult to get any accurate information out of a five year old mind.

I realize it was probably an innocent albeit ignorant obsevation that was made. I have to question the wisdom of saying something racially objectionable and in front of my daughter nonetheless.

I don't know. It bothered me. It makes me wonder if this is the beginning. The beginning of the comments and stares that I've so far been able to shield myself and my children from.

I also have to wonder what else was said...or thought...


The Fabu. said...

You mustn't worry. My cousin has Downs Syndrome. He is the cutest soul alive. I want to eat him! It hurts me that he is oh so often misjudged. Stay in there, and 10/10for the blog :)

My Getaway said...

Asalam alikum sis. Mashallah his eyes are beautiful!

Theres always going to be ignorant people in this world who say ignorant things. May Allah protect little Yusef and your family from them.

Mel said...

His eyes are beautiful, and there are thoughtless people everywhere. One lady once commented on my daughters 'enormous' ears- which I didn't appreciate- and people have said things about Luke from time to time. It hurts, but they probably didn't mean it to. Rise above it if you can :)

Erin said...

Lucas's eyes are my favorite feature too. Yes they give away the fact that he has DS but they are beautiful none the less. I think that our children will bring out the best and the worst in people. I would rather not see the worst but it will happen.

Yusef's eyes are beautiful!

Lisa said...

I would be bothered by a remark like that, too, Stephanie. And Yusef does have gorgeous eyes.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your remark, it is the beginning, babies are cute, but they all outgrow the cuteness, then the comments start.
I'm sure there's many made behing your back already.