Monday, August 17, 2009

A Day in the Life

From my other blog...

Today was Nathan's first day of second grade! He goes to a magnet school whose focus is on environmental education. They get to do all kinds of cool outdoor projects and even have camping trips.
Here's him in the car as we were leaving:

I forgot to take the camera in with us as we got him settled in his classroom. Oh well, it would have just embarrass him anyway.

We had a nice downpour as I was driving back

Back to the house and the other little ones were up and ready for breakfast

Yusef had his as well. He's getting pretty good at holding his bottle!

Next is bath time

All cleaned up and ready to run our errand to Wally World for some supplies

This is how we roll

Back to the house for Dhuhr

I do a little decorating with some cheap stuff I bought at Walmart

Pleased with the results

Lunch and now time for a little cleaning

Gotta have my coffee and Mp3 player for this. I download free audiobooks from my local library's website. I'm currently listening to a garden variety serial killer suspense type thriller. It makes the chores so much more fun!

Picking Nathan up at the bus stop

Cookin' up some dinner for the family. I made BBQ chicken tostadas ala Weight Watchers from this recipe. It was really good and something different

Here's my plate. Yummy and not too calorically disastrous

This is the point in the evening where all hell breaks loose as usual. Cleaning up the dinner mess, squabbling cranky children, getting them ready for bed. The usual. Poor little Yusef had another seizure at this time as well. It's so stressful seeing this happen to your child.

Time for

I finally got them off to bed by 8:30 when a thunderstorm moves in and they all end up congregating in my bed. I love Kansas thunderstorms, but they don't go well with little ones. So I made myself some green tea with lemon and ginseng and enjoyed the storm

Finally got them off to bed and I'm curling up with my hero, Frederick Douglass.

Nighty Night all...

Alhumdu lillahi rabbi al Aalameen for blessing me with another day. Ameen.


I AM NOBODY said...

MashaAllah! What a good Mommy!

May Allah swt continue to bless you and keep you and your family safe and healthy always. AMEEN


umm luqman said...

Assalamu aliakum,

You are such a wonderful mom. Masha'allah beautiful kids, may ALlah protect them. Ramadan Mubarak to your family.

Irish muslimah :P xxx said...

Assalamu aliakum sis (^_^)
just discovered your blog masha Allah how inspiring love your witty nature,
very cool decorating hehe :) xx

Hajar Zamzam Ismail said...

Salaam alaikum,
I love this post, because a picture is worth a thousand words. So even though you did not write lengthy paragraphs, the story still shines through.

mauimom said...

I am so glad that I stumbled upon your blog. All of your children are beautiful and I love Yusef's hair. I wish you could trim my son's hair, it really needs it. My son Sylas is 4 mths old and also has DS. In addition, we have a 5 yr old daughter and 7 yr old son. Your writing is honest and heartfelt, it is a pleasure to read. You have been through so much, wow, your strength really shines. I hope that the infantile spasms continue to respond to medications and that Yusef outgrows them soon. He looks like he is doing great, holding his bottle and sitting like a big boy in his Bumbo seat! He is adorable!
Take care,

Tara said...

Oh, Stephanie! I'm so sorry the meds aren't working! Ugh. I will pray for wisdom for the doctor and peace for your momma heart.

Yusef is holding his bottle so well! Eon is nowhere near there...very content with his hands at his sides and mom doing all the work! LOL! I think he's playing me. :)

Thanks for the reminder to video weird things for the doc. Eon has a strange intention tremor going on that I need to video.

أم ترافيس said...

ma shaa Allah that sounds like a beautiful life!

Beth said...

Stephanie, I love seeing and hearing about your day! What a good mother you are, creating a warm and healthy home!

I hope that the doctor has a REAL plan to help Yusef. It's so difficult when it seems a doctor isn't doing all s/he can to solve the problem.