Thursday, August 6, 2009

Infantile Spasms and EI update

First, the good news:

It looks like we'll continue to get our EI services. The organization that provides it now is filing Chapter 11, but will continue all homebased services, all praises to God.

Now, the bad news:

Last night I noticed my little one would tense up and throw his arms up very similar to a startle reflex. This happened in a very repetitive manner for a time lasting approx. 4 minutes. I knew right away this had to be some type of seizure activity. It happened again later in the night and I actually had the presence of mind to videotape part of the episode.

In the mean time I got out my handy dandy "Babies with DS" book and looked up the chapter on epilepsy. It said the most common type of seizure in babies with DS is called an infanile spasm. My husband and I felt our hearts sink as we looked at some videos out there on the internet of kids having infantile spasms and it looked exactly like those our baby had.

Obviously this morning I called my pedi first thing and after seeing the video and examaning him she also felt that was probably what is going on. We'll be getting an EEG, possibly an MRI and an appointment with a neurologist either tomorrow or Monday (prob. Monday).

He's had 3 more episodes over the course of the day (my pedi also knows about those). I feel like I'm on pens and needles waiting for another one to happen. He gets really grumpy and fussy afterwards also. Apparently this type of epilepsy can be quite damaging and sometimes hard to control. Fortunately, at least from what I've read, our kids tend to respond well to the treatments.

From what I was told the treatment for thses types of seizures are ACTH. I don't know much about this. I also think I read that they have to be admitted to the hospital for these treatments but I'm not sure.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.


Tara said...

Oh no, Stephanie! You know I'm praying for Yusef and for you, too. I know this has to be hard on your momma heart. Keep us posted, my friend.

umm luqman said...

assalamu alaikum sister ,

Subhanallah ....May Allah Almighty grant shifa to Yesuf. May Allah make it easier for your family. Insha'allah I will be making duas for little yesuf.

Laila Of Course! said...

Oh, I'm definitely making dua'a for Yusef, your family and you. Inshaallah everything will turn out all right.. :(

.::Tuttie::. said...

subhanaallah. Will do. SubhanaAllah.

WhiteOrchid said...

Will pray for him :)..may Allah give you and your husband the strength to get through all this . Yusef is an adorable little kid mashallah

umm luqman said...

Assalamu alaikum sister,

How is yesuf doing? Was the MRI done? insha'allah everything will be okay.