Monday, August 10, 2009

EEG Results and Starting on Meds

Thank to everyone for your kind comments and prayers! It really means alot to me.

And yes, to no surprise, the EEG showed seizure activity. To tell you truth, I'm mildly relieved, because I know sometimes EEG's will come up negative if the patient doesn't have a seizure at that time, even if they really do have an underlying seizure disorder. I was able to get the EEG done late Friday afternoon and the neurologists office called later that evening to call in a script. It was also nice to know the doc (we haven't actually met him yet, our actual consultation is Thursday) is on the ball and didn't blow us off until Monday.

So we're starting off with Kepra. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it does the trick and we're not having to constantly play with the meds to stop the seizures. I know this is a possibility though.

After I filled the script as I was driving home, I felt some tears come to my eyes. I just love my baby so so much and naturally I'm feeling quite a bit of apprehension.

He's been on the Kepra for 3 days now. It seems to be working! He had two seizures the first day we started it, but none since then. A couple of moms on the DS board at mentioned that the meds may make Yusef drowsy or not as active as usual and thereby slowing his development. I can say I've seen some very minute changes. He doesn't seem to smile and engage with me quite as much, although i can still manage to lure out a smile here and there. Apparently this is a common side effect of the meds and not much can be done about it. It's better than the flip side which is continued seizures which would inevitably lead to brain damage.

We're meeting with the neurologist on Thursday so I should know more about the plan and where we go from here. I'm assuming and have been told that he'll most likely want to do an MRI as well to see if there's been any scarring or any other anatomical issues going on.

I'll post more after our appointment on Thursday God willing.


.::Tuttie::. said...

May Allah swt give your son complete shifaa. Ameen. I have you in my duas.

Constructive Attitude said...

Insha'Allah all goes well and your son gets better soon.

Beth said...

I'm just back from our week away. So sorry to learn of the seizures--my heart aches for you. It's great that Yusef has you for an advocate--it's wonderful that he's already on medication. Praying that good news is coming on Thursday.