Sunday, May 2, 2010

Thick Skin

Words can hurt, they can pierce your heart and bring tears to your eyes. Once they are said, they can never be undone, they travel into space having passed over the one they were to leave behind, broken.

I sometimes wish this blog were anonymous. I could post all my true feelings and no one would ever be the wiser to my true identity. Someone has hurt me deeply with their words. A phrase said in passing, not a second thought given to anyone but me, but I was left there stunned. The meanness of these words, the utter disregard for all people who were born different, intellectually challenged, special needs, whatever phrase you may choose, but oh, not that one. Not that one.

It was not said by a mean person. It was not meant in regards to my son. But they are there, those words, spit out into the world and I don't believe I can ever see this person the same.

How did I get here? How did I become the champion of all people like my son, those who society has cast aside and willingly disparages with its words? How far will it go? Will I lose people I hold close in this world over these words?

Will I ever be able to cast off these words and toss them aside? Do I want to? I don't know right now. I can never go back to the world I used to know.


The Sanchez Family said...

I know and understand this all too well. Hugs.

The Hapa Girl said...

I don't know and I don't have an answer...but I can offer a hug from afar and the knowledge that you are not alone.

Lisa said...

I know these feelings so well. ((((Hugs))))